What we do

Who we are

The Delaware Council on Gambling Problems (DCGP) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) health agency founded in 1979 to provide programs and services for problem gamblers and their families. We’re made up of caring individuals who have real, firsthand experience with problem gambling.

The mission of the DCGP is to raise public awareness that problem gambling disorders are treatable and to facilitate the development of a network of services for problem gamblers and their families.

Our Purpose

DCGP provides Delaware 1-800-Helpline service, helping callers throughout the region connect with available gambling treatment programs.

Professional Training

DCGP supports outpatient treatment for problem gamblers or those in extreme gambling crisis.

Our Counselors

DCGP conducts public awareness presentations for a variety of groups, including businesses, employee assistance programs, social service organizations, senior citizens groups, financial organizations, schools, colleges and universities, and the criminal justice system.


DCGP works with the gambling and casino industry to promote Responsible Gaming Programs in Delaware.

DCGP works with the gambling and casino industry to promote Responsible Gaming Programs in Delaware.


DCGP works collaboratively with Research Groups to generate reliable data on compulsive gambling in our service area.

DCGP functions as a central point of contact for current and emerging information on gambling addiction.



How we help

We have programs designed to enhance personal growth through education, training, presentations and treatment programs. Additionally, those in need have in-person access to our counselors and specialists all year round.Contact us in one of the three ways.

Educating youth

DCGP Prevention Services offers small-group, large-group and tabletop presentations specifically tailored to the adolescent and young adult population in Delaware.

Presentations include:

High school in-class presentations for JDG and health classes

Tabletop presentations in middle and high schools during lunch or at health fairs

Tabletop presentations for family and youth-oriented community events

Presentations for mental health and drug/alcohol treatment centers to expose their adolescent population to prevention and treatment of problem gambling as well as relapse prevention

Please call 302-655-3261 to schedule a presentation for your organization.