Professional Training.

DCGP provides professional training on problem gambling throughout the year. The objective is to aid gambling counselors in maintaining their skills, give noncertified counselors the training they need to become certified and provide training for those interested in learning more about problem gambling.

Our trainers bring a wealth of personal and professional knowledge and skill with them. We teach trainees to enhance, interpret or reinterpret knowledge they already have. We also bring in national and international trainers to generate interest, interaction and skill-building with a wide range of diverse topics.

The training is free and confidential for all participants.

There are currently no upcoming training sessions.

Register at the State of Delaware’s Learning Center here.

NON-STATE OF DELAWARE EMPLOYEES / EXTERNAL USERS (Only credit card payment is acceptable.) If you have never logged in to the Delaware Learning Center (DLC) and you are not a State of Delaware employee OR you are a State of Delaware employee whose agency DOES NOT participate in the Delaware Learning Center (for example, retired employees, school systems, Del Tech, University of Delaware, etc.), you will need to create a new account by choosing the REGISTER button on this page.

*If you have already created a DLC account since January 2016, you will need to login by choosing the LOGIN button on this page.


STATE OF DELAWARE EMPLOYEE If you are a State of Delaware employee with a record in PHRST, you have a DLC account and need to register from after logging in via single sign-on or standard login. NOTE: You will need supervisory approval to complete the registration due to the nominal cost associated with each workshop, as an IV has to be generated for payment. ALL REGISTRANTS WILL RECEIVE A REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION EMAIL FROM THE DELAWARE LEARNING CENTER. Bring your confirmation email with you to the conference. Questions about conference content, logistics, etc. can be addressed by emailing

For training held in the Community Service Building (CSB):
DCGP can ONLY validate tickets of attendees parking in the Community Services Building Garage at 11th and Orange streets.