Professional Training.

DCGP provides professional training on disordered gambling throughout the year. The objective is to aid gambling counselors in maintaining their skills, give noncertified counselors the training they need to become certified and provide training for those interested in learning more about problem gambling.

Our trainers bring a wealth of personal and professional knowledge and skills with them. We train attendees to enhance, interpret or reinterpret knowledge they already have about disordered gambling, including its connection to gaming. We also bring in national and international trainers to generate interest, encourage interaction and provide skill-building exercises and examples within a wide range of diverse topics related to gambling disorder. CEUs are provided on request.

The training is free and confidential for all participants.

Here are some upcoming training sessions:

Gambling, Trading, and Financial Considerations Among College-Aged Individuals and Emerging Adults
Schedule: 11:00 am – 2:15 pm

Dan Trolaro, MS

  1. Zoom Training via DSAMH

3 credit hours, 15 min break

To Register/Create an Account

In order to register for a DCGP training, you will need to create a new account on DSAMH’s renewed Delaware Learning Center (DLC) site. The Relias platform is no longer active.

Please note there is NO CHARGE for registering for a training on the renewed DLC system.

Virtual (via Zoom) trainings:

Registration is available until the day of the event with no limit to the amount of people that can register.

Live (in-person) trainings:

Registration closes five business days prior to an in-person event,and seats may be limited - so early registration is strongly encouraged. All day trainings (6.0 CEUs) usually include Continental Breakfast and Lunch provided by DCGP.

Attendance to ANY training event will NOT be permitted without registration before the deadline.

All registrants will receive a registration confirmation email from

Please ask your questions about CEUs or a missing confirmation by emailing: or calling the DSAMH Training Office: 302-255-9480.